3 Reasons Why you Need to Have a Cleaning Routine

While deep cleaning is extremely satisfying and effective at tackling certain areas of your home, it does not put in place the maintenance that is required to upkeep a clean home. Developing a weekly cleaning routine is what will maintain your home clean in the long run. It's not about spending hours on the weekends cleaning your entire home, but rather breaking down those tasks into manageable jobs throughout the week. A cleaning routine will help you:

1) Not feel anxious when you have unexpected guests and feel like you have to clean your entire home! We've all been in a position when someone let us know they were coming over, and our home was just not ready for it! Following a cleaning schedule will not mean that you will be 100% ready for company at all times with a tray of warm cookies straight from the oven waiting to greet your unexpected guest, but it'll mean that maybe you only have a couple of things to pick up right away, and that's a lot more manageable and stress-free.

2) Maintain almost everything in your home stay reasonably clean most of the time. Has something in your home ever gotten so incredibly filthy it was almost unsalvageable, or took an incredibly long time to get it clean again? Cleaning schedules, when followed, make this a thing of the past.

3) You become more proactive, rather than reactive. Cleaning as you go, and on a routine basis, means that less preventable crises occur in your home. It sets you up for success in your home - no more realizing you don't have anything clean to wear to work in the morning!

A cleaning routine is something that I recommend to everyone. If you don't know where to get started, check out my cleaning routine guide that'll break down which items to clean when, and what products to use.

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