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Hi there!

My name is Ty and I help women around the world lead a life they love.

I started this business because cleaning has always been a passion of mine. When COVID-19 rocked the world, my friends and family started to ask me about how to clean their homes. So I thought: I'll start an Instagram page! 

Over time, things have changed. My passion for helping women really took the lead and I'm beyond excited to help women achieve their goals, start living with purpose, and inspire true self-love. 

I'm a regular person just like you, and not every day is perfect. Sometimes my home can get dirty or messy, sometimes I have limiting beliefs, sometimes I'm not always motivated. 

But I believe in progress. I believe in mixing strategy with mindset, and showing up for yourself and your life.

I'm here with the #sparklercommunity to tell you that you too can have a sparkling clean life! You got this! 

<3 Ty


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